Fabio Salini has always had a passion for jewellery. He has dedicated his life to it, driven by a desire to learn all there is to know about jewellery and precious gems. Underpinning his innate artistic sensibility with formal training in geology and gemology, he gained invaluable experience working in the creative departments at Cartier and Bulgari. During those years, he developed a unique signature style, and earned international fame with the launch of his own jewellery collection in 1999. Since then, his creations have been shown at international fairs and carried by the world’s most prestigious jewellers, and the Fabio Salini name has become one of the most important in the high jewellery world. In 2004 he opened his Atelier in Rome, an elegant shop and design studio that has become the focal point of his work, representing the quintessence of his style. Over the years, Fabio Salini has designed and created exclusive jewellery collections in collaboration with important Maisons, as well as with prestigious art galleries, drawn by the allure of his eclectic, imaginative style. His keen interest in contemporary art as a form of expression and a source of inspiration has led to brilliant collaborations, like that with Fernando and Humberto Campana, rooted in a tantalizing mélange of jewellery, design and art.

Fabio Salini is the winner of the "Talent de l'Originalité 2014", instituted by the Centre du Luxe et de la Création in Paris, for his talent in creating unique jewelry using daring new forms and unusual combinations of materials. For more than ten years, the Centre du Luxe et de la Création has rewarded the unique talents of creators from all luxury sectors who have distinguished themselves for the excellence of their work.